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Es Art

nuestra historia

The accredited research group has a long history in the management of regional, national and European projects and is very active both in basic research (22 six-year terms) and in knowledge transfer (curating exhibitions, scientific dissemination work, organization of congresses, advice on heritage issues, appraisal and expertise of works of art, etc.)

Established in 2017 with five members and accredited the following year, the EsArt research group has currently tripled the number of researchers. It has three full professors, three tenured university professors, two doctoral assistants, one postdoctoral fellow, and three predoctoral fellows.

lines of work

The preferred lines of work deal with diverse and transversal themes of the History of Art and Cultural Heritage, to which it dedicates the research carried out within the framework of R+D+i projects, the seminars and scientific debates that it organizes and publications derived from them. Likewise, there is a concern in the EsArt group for the transfer of the results of their research to the competent bodies in artistic and heritage matters and for the dissemination of knowledge to society as a whole through conferences, courses and exhibitions.

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behind the project

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other journals

The members of the group direct two research journals with excellent impact rates: