In addition to the main team, the EsArt research group has international invited researchers and collaborators. Get to know them and be part of the team. 

Ana María Fernández García

Professor of Art History, she has been a visiting researcher at the universities of Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, the Autonomous University of Mexico, Cambridge and Kingston (Modern Interiors Research Centre). She has been curator of the Selgas Fagalde Foundation and coordinator of the European Master in Conservation and Management of Cultural Assets. She has been principal investigator of several regional, national and European projects and is director of the journal Res Mobilis.

  • Art collecting, artistic emigration, interior design, contemporary art and Ibero-American art.

María del Carmen Bermejo Lorenzo

Associate Professor of Art History at the University, she has been visiting Professor at the University of Santiago in Chile and at the Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna. His research was carried out in the context of seven publicly funded research projects. Responsible for the master plans for the protection of cemeteries in Santander and Avilés, he has also participated in the team in charge of cataloging and protecting the assets of the Selgas-Fagalde Foundation. She is the author of 6 books, 24 book chapters and numerous articles in magazines.

  • Art and architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Natalia Tielve García

He has received pre-doctoral training (FICYT) and post-doctoral training (Banco Sabadell-Herrero), obtaining the Extraordinary Doctorate Award. His research career has been developed on a regular basis with national research projects, contracts with companies and administrators. Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Art History and Musicology, Editor of the magazine Liño, Coordinator of EBAU in History of Art, secretary of INCUNA and evaluator of ANECA, FECYT, ACCREDITA.

  • Art and industry, new heritage and urban development, contemporary architecture and the latest trends.

Íñigo Sarriugarte Gomez

Associate Professor in the Department of Art History and Music in the UPV/EHU, where he teaches subjects related to modern art, as well as in the Master "Conservation and Exhibition of Art Contemporary” (CYXAC). Participation in the project "Open Course Ware – OCW” of the University of the Basque Country with the subject “Garaiko Artearen Historia II” and the publication of said subject in the Virtual campus. Collaborating Professor in Training Programs Permanente del Instituto de Ocio de la Universidad de Deusto, participating in modules on modern art, history of photography, exhibition trends, philosophy and art in Asia. Its main Research is published in indexed journals, catalogues, capítulos de libros, así como en ponencias y comunicaciones presented at various seminars and conferences. Has developed curating activities in relation to the work of various Basque artists. He regularly collaborates as an evaluator of articles and academic opinions for numerous publications and organizations.

  • Art and hermetic studies, art and nature, latest trends, public sculpture, contemporary art in Asia.

Carla Fernández Martínez

PhD in Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela and Master in Management and Conservation of the Beni Archeological and Historic-Artistic from the University of the Studies of Siena. She has been hired as a postdoctoral fellow by the Xunta de Galicia, carrying out an international research project on urban reconstruction after natural disasters at the Università degli Studi Federico II di Napoli (2017-2018) and at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (January-June 2019). . His international career is completed with research stays at the University of Porto, at the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena and at the Kunsthistorisches Insitut (KHI) in Florence. His main lines of research include the conservation of architectural heritage and urban iconography, the subject of his monograph Pontevedra. The memory rescued (Provincial Council of Pontevedra, 2015).

  • Cultural heritage, conservation, urban iconography and urbanism.

Renata Ribeiro Dos Santos

PhD in History from the University of Granada, Master's in Historical Heritage from the same institution and Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Brazil), with studies in Art History from the University of Havana. He carried out research and teaching stays in Cultural Centers of Spain (Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Montevideo), CEDODAL (Center for Documentation of Latin American Architecture, Buenos Aires), New University of Lisbon, National Autonomous University of Mexico, University of São Paulo and Paulista State University. It develops as priority research topics studies about contemporary art systems, decolonial strategy and international relations of cultural diplomacy, with a focus on the production and cultural construction of Latin America.

  • Latin American art, contemporary art, cultural diplomacy and geopolitics of art.

Marina Bargón García

Marina Bargón García se licenció en Historia del Arte (2011, UEX), obtuvo un contrato predoctoral F.P.I. (MINECO, 2015- 2019) en el Departamento de Artes y Ciencias del Territorio de la UEX y se doctoró en la misma universidad (2020). Posteriormente, trabajó como docente y directora del Departamento en los grados de Diseño de Moda y Comunicación de Marcas de Moda de ESNE Asturias y colaboradora en la Universidad a Distancia de Madrid. Actualmente es profesora sustituta en el Departamento de Historia del Arte y Musicología de la Universidad de Oviedo.

  • Ciencias del territorio, patrimonio cultural.

Enrique Meléndez Galán

PhD in Heritage from the Universities of Extremadura, Huelva, Córdoba and Jaén; He has a Master's Degree in Art and Humanities Research and a Degree in Art History and Artistic Historical Heritage, both from the University of Extremadura. He also has studies in Illustration Digital, 3D, Painting and Drawing in different Schools on the national scene.

  • Contemporary Art, artistic education, visual culture and speculative fiction.

Santiago Rodríguez Pérez

Licenciado en Historia (Universidad de Oviedo, 2009), y Máster en Arqueología y Patrimonio (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2012). Desarrolla su carrera investigadora y profesional en el ámbito del Patrimonio Cultural. Ha trabajado como arqueólogo profesional y como funcionario interino en la enseñanza secundaria. En la actualidad, es investigador predoctoral contratado de la Universidad de Oviedo, dentro del programa Severo Ochoa.

His doctoral thesis study studies vernacular architecture in the area of ​​the Navia river basin (Asturias). The object of this research is the interdisciplinary study of the architectural landscape and its historical evolution, within the framework of its geographical and cultural context. To do this, it combines various lines of work in material culture studies, anthropology, archaeology, technical history, etc. In this sense, it also incorporates methodologies applied to the documentation, management and study of cultural heritage (inventory and cataloging; surveying, graphic and 3D documentation; readings of walls and dating; analysis of bibliographic, oral and documentary sources).

He works on various scientific research projects (National R&D Plans), in fields related to architectural heritage research, archeology and dissemination of cultural heritage (prospecting, excavation, classification and study of materials, documentation of movable and immovable property, didactic workshops, etc.).

  • Archaeology, cultural heritage, architectural history, vernacular architecture, anthropology, architectural archaeology, technical history, and material culture studies.

Aida Villa Varela

Graduated in Art History from the University of Oviedo and Master in Art History. Knowledge and Protection of Historical Heritage by the University of Granada. ICARO Scholarship in the Internal Training Plan of the University of Granada and is currently a pre-doctoral contract within the Severo Ochoa Grant Program of the Principality of Asturias. His doctoral research project focuses on the study of industrial heritage and cultural identity through architectural vestiges related to the construction of Empresa Nacional Siderúrgica S.A. (ENSIDESA). In this thematic line he has various publications and participation in conferences.

Interim secondary school official, grade for Primary Education, member of the working group of the Historical Conciencia project: Archeology and community in rural society (FCT-18-13156) and final project in relation to intangible heritage: The cultural heritage at Through oral interviews as a model of learners of Asturian (Cultural heritage through oral interviews as a learning model for Asturian).

  • Industrial heritage, architecture of the modern movement, industrial paternalism, Francoism, heritage didactics, knowledge transfer.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez

Graduated in Art History, University Expert in Management and Tourist Use of Industrial and Mining Heritage and Master in Advanced Studies in Art History: research and management, from the University of Oviedo. He is a FPI predoctoral researcher at the same university, President of the Alfoz de Gauzón Study Center (CEAG), co-director of the magazine Alfoz and former member of the Guardianship of Historical-Artistic Heritage in the Spanish Professional Association of Art Historians (Aproha). He is also an interpreter of heritage in the working-class town of Llaranes (Avilés) and editor of content in the audiovisual heritage dissemination project His doctoral research project focuses on the study of worker towns promoted by the National Institute of Industry (INI). He is the author of various publications and curator of several exhibitions related to Industrial Heritage, especially Aviles's.

  • Industrial Heritage, architecture of the Modern Movement, heritage didactics, Holy Week and imagery, popular religious architecture, art and industry, new heritage.

Llara Fuente Corripio

Graduada en Historia del Arte, Premio Fin de Carrera y Máster en Formación del Profesorado de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria, Bachillerato y Formación Profesional por la Universidad de Oviedo. Actualmente se encuentra cursando el doctorado. Su investigación se centra en las artesanías y su papel en la gestión de los paisajes rurales incluyendo las dimensiones cultural y natural. 

She is also an illustrator, graphic designer and web designer. Ha participado en diferentes organizaciones nacionales e internacionales por la defensa del patrimonio cultural y natural. Dentro del grupo de investigación EsArt asiste a la labor de investigación del grupo, ha participado en proyectos, ha sido secretaria en la revista Res Mobilis y es la encargada del diseño gráfico, web y audiovisual del grupo, así como de la labor de difusión y divulgación.

  • Patrimonio rural, patrimonio en zonas en conflicto, sostenibilidad, paisaje, artesanía, ilustración y divulgación.

Marina Castro Cabero

Graduated in Art History and Master in Advanced Studies in Art History: research and management from the University of Oviedo. She is a FPU predoctoral researcher in the Department of Art History and Musicology at the University of Oviedo.

Both his Final Degree Project, as well as his Master's Final Project and his doctoral research have followed the same path: the dissemination and preservation of the Asturian artistic heritage, an objective that aims to make known the different perspectives present in our autonomous community. His doctoral research project is entitled: The industry in art. Landscape, identity and heritage in contemporary Asturian creation (1939 - 2020). 

  • Contemporary art, art and industry, landscape, contemporary architecture and new heritage.

Lucía Pérez Fernández

Graduated in Art History and Master in Advanced Studies in Art History: research and management from the University of Oviedo.

He is currently studying his doctoral studies with the project Worker's company housing in Gijón: heritage and urban landscape, in addition to having a contract under the INVESTIGO grant program for the integration of young researchers into the world of work, as a research technician, secretary of the Res Mobilis journal and in charge of the group's translation work (English C2, French, German and Russian).

Each of his works to date have had the same theme in common: industrial heritage, either from the point of view of design (End-of-Degree Project) or of architecture with the Master's Final Project and thesis doctoral). 

  • Industrial heritage (design and architecture), 19th and 20th centuries.